At Apple’s developer conference next week we’ll hear all the software goodies the company has planned in 2015, but we may not get any news about one of its most highly anticipated pieces of hardware: its new set-top box, the Apple TV.

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It’s been three years since we’ve seen a spec update to this little device, and we may have to keep waiting. This year’s Apple event may be completely TV free, including not only a delayed set top box but also a set back on Apple’s plans for its own TV streaming service, something similar to Sling TV and PlayStation Vue.

We’ve known for awhile that Apple was hard-pressed to meet the WWDC deadline for the TV service because it wanted local television included in the deal. Now, it seems that, yes, even the hardware will be ghostly rumored apparition this year as well, according to The New York Times.

Apple does have plans to relaunch Apple TV—and in a pretty big way, too—but we’ll have to put up with just one last postponement.

The coming of the Apple Watch: It seems pretty, damn likely that the Apple Watch will finally be available in stores this month. So if your wrist has felt naked these past few months—rejoice! [Engadget]


Pinned for checkout: Pinterest will be adding buyable pins to its service, so you can actually buy the things you like. This could be bad for my bank account. Very bad. [Wired]

Amazon food? Sure why not: Amazon does about everything, so why not add food to the list. Amazon has plans to sell its own branded cereal, milk, and baby food as part of its Elements program. [WSJ]


Music streaming woes: An acquired contract between SoundCloud and publishers shows some concerning issues with music streaming, including the possibility that some artists won’t get paid at all. [Digital Music News]

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