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You must eat your way out of this cotton candy prison cell

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This is no ordinary padded room — it's 1,600 cotton candy cones strung together to form a prison of pleasure.

Here's how New York artist Jennifer Rubell describes "Padded Cell," which was displayed at Performa Arts' Russian themed Red Party this November:

Padded cell is an 8'X16' freestanding room constructed of basic building materials, with a single door that contains a plexiglass window. Inside, the walls and ceilingare padded with pink cotton candy, and a bare light bulb hangs in the center. The door is opened at 9pm, but the interior is visible through the window throughout the evening. The Red Party's main dinner is served inside a Russian-themed constructivist set, and Padded Cell acts as an escape from that, an all-American funhouse that is at the same time confining, threatening, claustrophobic. It is an object that addresses the dark side of pleasure, the price of pleasure, the possibility that pleasure is its own punishment.


Okay, so you may not be able to eat through the plexiglass.

[Spotted on Inhabitat]