You Shouldn't Put Water on Your Cereal, Says Science

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Researchers from Pontificia University Católica in Santiago, Chile, have determined with cold hard science that milk is definitively superior to water, as far as cereal liquids go.

Why anyone would pour water on their cereal, when there is now available milk from every farm animal and nut and grain, I do not know. But in case anyone was starting to second guess their breakfast choices, here comes science, like a big pat on the back.

The argument against water:

[T]he plasticizing effect of water ... softened the carbohydrate/protein matrix, inducing partial collapse of the porous structure and eventually disintegration of the whole piece through deep cracks.


Or, more simply, it will turn your Corn Flakes to mush, fast.

Better to stick with milk, the fat and other solids in which "become deposited on the flakes' surface hindering liquid infiltration." Well, at least it's nice to know there's a reason for us to be doing what most of us are already doing. [FoodBeast, PubMed - Image via Ruslan Grumble/Shutterstock]