You'll Be Able to Pick Up Acer's Iconia Dual-Screen Laptop For $1,200 in April

Illustration for article titled Youll Be Able to Pick Up Acers Iconia Dual-Screen Laptop For $1,200 in April

Shipping next month for the same price as the top-spec 11-inch MacBook Air, Acer's Iconia runs Windows 7 on a Core i5 chip. The main appeal here is those two 14-inch multitouch screens (made with Gorilla Glass), that are for typing and gesturing on. [Acer via CrunchGear]


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All I see here is impending failure. I predict the novelty will wear off fast when people realize that they don't get anything more out of it, being the same form factor as every other laptop, and most will not be able to type on it nearly as quickly. Nice that interesting gizmos should hit the shelves here and there, but it's too bad it seems too impractical to use long-term.