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You'll Never Look at a Lego Man the Same After Seeing His Open Guts

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The humble Lego minifig usually leads a life of adventure and conquest—pirates, knights, Jedi—glamour and thrills. But underneath all that plastic? Pulsating, bleeding bone and organs, just like us.

Jason Freeny, the artist behind this sculpted vivisection, details the process on his Facebook page, showing the use of an off the shelf Lego toy, sculpting clay, and some very, very meticulous work. But I wonder—is the plastic of a Lego man his skin, or some kind of grotesque suit he's trapped inside? Have we peeled away his flesh, or revealed his constant torment, a cage of polymer containing his rattling frame and spasming entrails? Is he man in miniature, or some cybernetic freak? I want this on my desk. [Jason Freeny via Laughing Squid]