Andrew Dickerson studies how wet animals shake to become dry animals. Last year, in fact, he published the results of a study that examined the wet-shakes of 33 different animals, including some intriguing findings relating shake-frequency and overall animal size.

When we wrote about Dickerson's research last August, we included a video with high speed footage of different animals shaking themselves dry. But the video up top is different. The folks at Earth Unplugged recently caught up with Dickerson to capture some really great examples of wet, twisting mammals at some ridiculously high frame rates. Add in some professional studio lighting, a stark black backrop, and you've got the mesmerizing video seen here.


According to Earth Unplugged, the full interview with Dickerson is forthcoming. In the meantime, enjoy this video of furry animals shaking off. It's adorable, adorable science.

For more info on the physics at work here, check out Dickerson's paper, or read our writeup.