Your Baby Is Not Safe Until Its Butt Is Planted In Baby Bjorn's New $300 Miracle Chair

Baby Bjorn has gone and done it. They've managed to create a baby high chair that's so full of itself and overpriced that I actually find myself hating something as innocent as a baby high chair this afternoon.

For $300 one receives this ultra-compact, ultra-portable high chair with which helicopter parents can coddle their undoubtedly over-coddled child some more.


Price aside, Baby Bjon's marketing this thing as an all-around indestructible baby-protector, complete with high chair FUD in the form of an image that shows an unattended baby climbing out of an inferior chair and standing precariously on the edge. Certain doom awaits this child. At least, doom is certain until you plunk down $300 for a Baby Bjorn high chair, which is what good parents who love their children will do this September when it goes on sale.

How any of us reading these words today survived our infant years, during which we were confined to such obvious deathtraps, is beyond my level of comprehension. [CrunchGear]

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