YouTube Increasing Upload Limit from 10 to 15 Minutes

Since YouTube's launch, the longest video you could upload was 10 minutes. No longer! Boing Boing reports that in the near future, that limit will rise to 15 minutes.

Pro online video companies can already break the 10 minute limit, but this will open the door to anybody and everybody to upload longer videos. It's good news for people breaking up longer content into multiple parts as well as people just creating longer content in general. Hell, just imagine another 14.5 minutes of that baby eating that watermelon! There are no downsides!

Apparently there will be some sort of "15 minutes of fame" contest along with the change to the new limits, but details on that are scant. And there's no word on when exactly all this will happen, but it should be relatively soon. [Boing Boing]

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didnt youtube used to not have a limit then then went to 10 minutes? i clearly recall watching full episodes of things on there a long time ago, then it became that they were split