YouTube Is Now Your Newest Movie Rental Store (Updated)

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While we've been enjoying Apple's and Netflix's strong and extensive streaming movie libraries, YouTube's been plotting a little jugular strike, sucking the streaming juice with a movie service of its own. Today, it's real.


Although they don't have the numbers rolled out yet, the addition of major studio titles to YouTube's currently laughable stable of full streaming flicks makes them an actual contender, as opposed to a repository of obscure Nigerian dramas and terrible sci-fi. YouTube hasn't announced pricing, rental duration, or (most importantly) what'll be in the 3,000 film collection—that's coming later today—but we imagine that number won't remain small for long. You don't get into this fight unless you want to impale Netflix through the neck. [YouTube via NYT]


Update: YouTube's shown their hand a bit, revealing some of the titles they're going to be (gradually) rolling out for the rental service:

From memorable hits and cult classics like Caddyshack, Goodfellas, Scarface, and Taxi Driver to blockbuster new releases like Inception, The King's Speech, Little Fockers, The Green Hornet and Despicable Me. Movies are available to rent at industry standard pricing, and can be watched with your YouTube account on any computer. The new titles will begin appearing later today and over the coming weeks to, so keep checking back.

A list of the full 3,000 would be nice, but hey, Caddyshack! And uh... Little Fockers...

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I know that Google/YouTube execs are smarter than me but it doesn't look like a good value. I immediately spotted three movies on the main movies page that are available on Netflix Instant View. for about the cost of renting those three, I can have an entire month of Netflix and have access to all the instant movies on my computer, TV, phone, iPad and be able to rend DVDs as well. Odd.