YouTube XL Optimizes YouTube For TVs, Touchscreens

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Google has turned out a new web interface for viewing YouTube, called YouTube XL, which reformats the site to suit web-connected TVs, game console browsers, and, perhaps unintentionally, touchscreens.

The interface isn't quite the full experiential revamp that a dedicated app like Hulu Desktop is, but it's definitely a different approach than the normal site (and an improvement on their last attempt at TV optimization). Text is kept to a minimum (no comments, even), navigation is carried out through fat, bold buttons, and video controls are simplified and enlarged. The end result is intuitive, if not terribly attractive. Scratch that—this thing is ugly.


Google says the app supports remote controls, and claims that app is meant for larger screens and web-connected TVs, as well as the PS3 and Wii. But the interface has another equally obvious use: as a touchscreen portal for tablet PCs, MIDs or touchscreen AIO hardware like HP's Touchsmart or Dell's new Studio.

You can try YouTube XL by navigating to in any browser. [Lifehacker]