Zephyr Bluetooth Speaker Has Battery Life To Spare and Share

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Streaming your music over a Bluetooth connection is yet another convenience that can be a real drain on your smartphone's battery. So Spar has packed its new Zephyr wireless speakers with an oversized battery that can be used to charge other devices over USB.


It's still listed as "coming soon" on Spar's website, but when it does hit the market the Zephyr will come in three varieties, ranging in price from $100 to $150. On the lower end you'll find the Zephyr 300, covered in a plastic housing, while the slightly more upscale 500 and 550 are instead wrapped in a metal skin. They also boast twelve and twenty eight hour battery lives, respectively, meaning there's plenty of power to share with your other devices.


Like the Jambox, the Zephyr also includes speakerphone functionality. And if it also manages to sound as good as Jawbone's wireless speaker, the cheaper price point could make it a real contender in a market that's gotten extremely crowded as of late. [SPAR via Wired]

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What are some other alternatives? I have been looking at the Creative d80/100 and the one from Logitech. Logitech is expensive and the lower end creatives don't have rechargeable batteries.

Are there any $50 options available with rechargeable battery?