Zombie HP TouchPad Gets Android Jellybean Before Almost Every Android Tablet

Unless you've got a Google Nexus 7, you're going to be waiting a while for the official release of Jelly Bean for your tablet. Which is why it's a little surprising—and dare we say funny—that it's already popped up on HP's aborted TouchPad


If you're the proud owner of a TouchPad you can get Jelly Bean now with this unofficial port of CyanogenMod 10. As you can see in the video above the OS runs pretty smoothly on the tablet. Still, as SlashGear points out the port isn't polished, and it's missing some basic functionality. For example, video and graphics acceleration don't work and there's no audio yet. Keep at it you clever Android hackers! Don't let the Nexus 7 keep Jelly Bean all to itself. [SlashGear]

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I am so bummed about losing my touchpad a few weeks back. I've been looking at new tablets to replace it, and it is still one of the best deals around. This probably just seals the deal. If only the camera worked. That would be rad.