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Zombie Outbreak Simulator: Sim City Plus Google Maps Plus the Undead

Illustration for article titled Zombie Outbreak Simulator: Sim City Plus Google Maps Plus the Undead

The RTS web game Zombie Outbreak Simulator plops you down into a Google Maps-provided area of DC swarming with zombies. The outbreak's details are up to you: How many civilians? Are they armed? It's a killer timewaster (GET IT?).


Basically, it's a zombie invasion in our nation's capital. You can change the details of the invasion in any way you choose: Zombie speed, infection rate, number of civilians, percentage of civilians armed, number of highly effective police, and more. You can play around with it to either defeat the zombies (boooooring), let them take over the city and pretend like some of their more gruesome kills are of your opposition politician of choice (take that, Michele Bachmann!), or try to make the odds even and see who really wants it more. Warning: Turn down your speakers if you're at work. The eerie post-rock soundtrack is accompanied by the expected array of flesh-hungry moans, which is the kind of thing that's sort of tricky to explain away as part of your quarterly PowerPoint earnings presentation. [Class 3 Outbreak]

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We'd just end up electing them into office and complain that they don't understand the significance of healthcare.