Guys, thanks for the emails this morning RE: Zune 2. I know a lot of you were expecting rich Zune 2 coverage this AM, but we were apparently put on the second tier list and are waiting for our hardware to arrive today, after everyone else has run their coverage. I'm not sure what happened. There are lots of people on the Zune team who are really helpful as we cover the news, but I think someone high up at Microsoft didn't like what we wrote last time. I'm not sure, but I do know we got placed behind friends at the PC magazines and other solid pubs who received theirs middle of last week. Either way, I'm sorry we had to send you elsewhere this morning for the hands-on details. This is just how the gadget reporting access game goes sometimes. UPDATE: DHL brought us an 8GB Flash Zune in pink at about noon PST and we're looking at it.

I promise that as soon as we get the stuff, we'll jump on it. In the meantime, there's this post about the new designs, a round up of the first 6 reviews, and from a few weeks back, the first video of the device, all the announcement details when the Zune went official.


Seriously, though, it doesn't make sense to not support the communities that buy your products. Giz, and all of the Zune-scene, Zune Thoughts,, readers—none of these people have hardware yet. And it seems like that's where Zune fans hang out, this is where the conversations are born. As an underdog, can you afford to ignore the pubs servicing your primary customers? Don't you want people to be talking about the device you're launching? Then again, Xbox and Media Center aside, this isn't a new philosophy at Microsoft, it's a very old one. Just figured the Zune team would be more on top of it, since Allard has his hands in here. It's nothing personal, but it just seems to hurt the overall efforts of getting the details of the new device out as fast as possible.

UPDATE: We got a flash Zune, and we're doing some quick tests now.

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