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Microsoft Zune propaganda welcomes you to the social, but that's only about a 58% welcome, because sites around the blogosphere are noticing that around 42% of the songs they're trying to share Zune-to-Zune are on the "Zune sharing prohibited" list. Even that three days/3 plays DRM slapped on every shared song is not enough for those moneygrubbing and paranoid record labels.


Out of 50 songs tested by Zunerama, Universal and Sony artists were the most represented on the prohibited list. That's particularly frustrating when you recall that sweetheart deal that Universal Music Group and Microsoft dreamed up for the Zune, making everybody pay through the nose for the right to share Universal's music on the Zune.

The list of prohibited and accepted songs in this 50-song sample:

Universal Music Group
• Prohibited Zune Sharing: Gwen Stefani, Snow Patrol, Eminem, Blue October, JoJo, Jay-Z
• Accepted Zune Sharing: Nickelback, Nelly Furtado and Maria Carey


Sony Music
• Prohibited Zune Sharing: Beyonce, Weird Al Yankovic (not sure if song is from Sony) and Ciara
• Accepted Zune Sharing: Shakira, Wyclef Jean, The Fray, Christina Aguilera, John Mayer and Brad Paisley

Don't steal music, but look the other way when record companies won't even let you share it, even with gobs of DRM slathered on it. Great plan, guys.

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