Zune Guy Looks Even Creepier with an iPod touch

Illustration for article titled Zune Guy Looks Even Creepier with an iPod touch

Apple, if this has all been just one particularly ambitious viral marketing campaign, know that this photo would scare even the most loyal of fanboys, forcing them to boil their poor iPods for proper sterilization from the new, intangible "ick factor." In all seriousness, we're sure that Steve "ex-Zunemeister" Smith is a nice guy. But Cupertino did not engineer the touch to be in such close proximity to that 'stache. [iPhone Savior]


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remember awhile back when you guys were harping on everyone for having rude or outlandish comments?

i think making fun of this guy, which you guys clearly do in the past - is the topper on this subject. you should control your posts as well!

i'm not trying to sound mean, i'm just wanting to point out the obvious hypocrisy.