Zune Guy Buys iPod classic, Hell Freezes, Apocalypse Nears!

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No, we are not kidding: the infamous Zune Guy, that dude who got three Zune tattoos, and then decided to get rid of them, says now that he avoided buying a Zune last time he was at Best Buy and got an iPod classic 80GB. He openly admitted it in the Zune Scene forums.


And low and behold, it's a black iPod classic 80gb. When I was in Best Buy I looked around at the other players, and they sold no Creatives in the store, so the only choices were iPods, Zunes, Insignas, Samsung and Sony. So when looking at which had everything available in store (I despise UPS) I went with the iPod. I more than likely will regret this decision but I will let you all know down the road. I do like the weight and feel of the device thus far.

At least he's looking at the alternative, but at this rate he's going to end up with a lot of scars. I wonder how many iPod owners would change to Zune to see. Are you an iPod owner? Would you do it? [Zune Scene]



The only reason I bought a Zune was because it was dirt cheap on the [Woot.com] sale. It's actually a good device, and solid all around, but its level of simplicity isn't keying into my interests. I found myself liking the notes and contacts function, which I use more often than I thought I would. UMS capability came in handy on numerous occasions, and I don't have to use VMware or dual boot to use it. If I format it for Windows, it's virtually system agnostic.

I gave my Zune to dear ol' Ma who won't care for the stuff I do, and she loves the thing and uses the radio a lot.