Zune HD Teases Inaccessible Apps Menu During Weekend Preview

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The Zune HD's mysterious Apps menu, which will definitely have games at launch and could very well provide something more, was poked and prodded en masse this weekend during a Best Buy preview event. Even so, the mystery remains.

Indeed, while our tipster could see the Apps menu beckoning them to smudge the screen with an eager fingerprint, their attempt to access the secrets within were met with disabled wifi and a definitive no-go. We kind of know games will reside there already, but an overall App Store-esque experience wouldn't surprise anyone should that be what lies beyond the top level Zune HD Apps menu.


More images and video at Engadget, where there was apparently an unconfirmed mention of a Zune HD SDK. Intriguing! [Thanks, Jarnet]

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A marketplace with Apps is nice, but what about the "developers! developers! developers!"? I haven't seen any mention of a Zune SDK or any entrance fee to be able to play on this hardware. How is this going to compare to iTunes? The reason "there's an app for that" is because there are so many people pounding out crapware for the iPhone/Touch. Who can make a Zune app? How much of the sale to they get to keep? Seems pretty late in the game to announce this kind of stuff.