This Digital Map of the Seafloor Can Help Scientists Predict Environmental Change

We know less about the deep ocean than we do about the surface of Mars. But if we want to really understand how humans are impacting the Earth, we need to start looking down deep into the muck. That’s why scientists created the first digital map of the seafloor’s geologic composition. » 8/11/15 12:00pm 8/11/15 12:00pm

Your Kid Will Secretly Learn About Geology With this Colorful Bedding

Aside from ‘vegetables’, and maybe ‘bathtime, there is no word more universally despised by kids than ‘educational’. But since there’s no age too young to start prepping them to get into a good college, these bedsheets provide a valuable geology lesson every time your kid heads off to bed. » 8/07/15 5:55pm 8/07/15 5:55pm

Beautiful New Topographical Map Of Ceres Shows a Complex, Icy World 

NASA has just released a stunning new topographic map of Ceres, the other dwarf planet astronomers are getting to study up close and personal this summer. Unlike Pluto’s freakishly smooth and youthful surface, Ceres’s exterior is riddled with craters, creating a battered old landscape of peaks and valleys. » 7/28/15 4:00pm 7/28/15 4:00pm

Earthquake Kits Selling Like Hotcakes After Terrifying New Yorker Story

It’s been more than a week since The New Yorker published a story called The Really Big One, describing how much of the Pacific Northwest will be destroyed by a massive earthquake and tsunami and scaring the crap out of Americans nationwide. Now, emergency kits are “flying off the shelves.” » 7/24/15 9:54am 7/24/15 9:54am

The British Geological Survey Is Recreating UK Towns in Minecraft

Someone at the British Geological Survey managed to convince a boss that engaging with the kids via Minecraft might be a good idea, so here we all are reading about accurate maps of West Thurrock, York and Ingleborough that have been built using existing national topography and geology databases. » 7/17/15 7:01am 7/17/15 7:01am

The Martian Surface is Looking Pretty Rad in Rainbow 

Everybody’s been waving their rainbow flag recently, so it was only a matter of time before Mars got in on the fun. Admittedly, this image was painted in rainbow colors to highlight elevation changes. But I’d like to think that the progressive Martian societies of the future would agree with the color scheme. » 7/09/15 6:45pm 7/09/15 6:45pm

Guatemala's "Volcano of Fire" Lives Up to Its Name, Spectacularly

While not as dramatic as its eruption in February, which necessitated evacuations and the closure of a nearby airport, the “Volcan de Fuego” in San Juan Altotenago, Guatemala, rumbled anew on Wednesday, July 1, when this photo was taken. It is one of Central America’s most active peaks. » 7/02/15 9:30pm 7/02/15 9:30pm

Farmers Are Pumping So Much Groundwater It's Making California Sink

What happens when your water supply runs dry? You go underground. In some parts of California, drought-plagued farmers are digging groundwater wells that plunge deeper and deeper into the earth, siphoning away the water of their neighbors, and causing the ground to collapse—potentially destroying the soil for good. » 6/05/15 7:30pm 6/05/15 7:30pm

The Himalayas Dropped 3 Feet After the Nepal Earthquake

The earthquake in Nepal was so violent it moved mountains. Satellite imagery shows that the parts of the Himalayas sank three feet—and the area around it as much as five feet—as tectonic plates snapped under extreme pressure. But the mountains will regain their height, slowly but surely, thanks to the geologic forces… » 5/13/15 7:00pm 5/13/15 7:00pm

Scientists Are Racing Across Nepal to Gather Fleeting Quake Data

It sounds like a plot to a fast-paced popcorn flick, but right now, U.S. scientists are on a mad dash in Nepal, collecting as much quake data as possible from the country’s scattered ground movement sensors, before the info is completely wiped. These numbers could help seismologists predict when the next big one could… » 5/08/15 7:20pm 5/08/15 7:20pm