The Pizza From This Box-Shaped Oven Is Always Hot and Gooey

Usually when you open a pizza box that's been sitting on your kitchen counter for weeks, you're not going to find a fresh, hot slice inside. So maybe it's time to take your local pizza place off your speed dial and start making your own using this compact oven that looks like a pizza box, except that it's not made of… »3/06/15 9:22am3/06/15 9:22am

A Pizza Lover's Dream Oven Turns Your Kitchen Into a Domino's

Making pizza at home can be cheaper and healthier than delivery, but constantly having to adjust the shelves in your oven and move around a pizza stone almost makes it not worth the effort. Instead of just resorting to delivery, though, consider upgrading your oven to Teka's HL 45.15 which features a dedicated pizza… »6/10/13 4:21pm6/10/13 4:21pm

A See-Through Convection Oven Reveals the Mysteries Of Cooking

If you dropped out of school after the second grade and have subsequently wondered what happens between the time you put raw ingredients into an oven, and when they come out as golden delicacies, here's your chance to rule out elves and magic. This countertop halogen convection oven promises to heat food as fast as a… »6/04/13 4:50pm6/04/13 4:50pm

New Induction Cooktops from GE Are the Highest Wattage Ever

Our cooking experience barely goes beyond "Fire. Bad. Keep. Away," but these GE Monogram and Profile induction cooktops have the highest wattage element from an induction cooktop ever. The 3700-watt cookers use magnetic fields to heat up your food, as opposed to gas or electric cookers. Induction cooking's been around… »9/20/07 1:30pm9/20/07 1:30pm