100 Open Technology Courses That Would Have Saved You a Lot of Money On Tuition

When I think about all of the money I spent on college tuition only to find that the internet is riddled with free technology courses from prestigious schools like MIT.

To make things easier, OnlineCourses has put together a list of 100 open tech courses and broken them down into 10 categories: Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Security, Programming, The Web, Software, Information Technology, Communication Technology, Technology in Education, Tech Math and Technology and Society.


Looking over the list, about 98% of the courses come from MIT, so you know you are going to learn something valuable. Admittedly, some of the courses are a bit out of date, but they should provide you with a foundation on usefull topics like computer systems engineering, C++, Computer graphics, Flash and Database systems to help you decide whether or not to pursue your education further. Hit the link for the full course list. [OnlineCourses]

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