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11-Foot Tall iPod Dock Puts Your Device Out of Reach

Illustration for article titled 11-Foot Tall iPod Dock Puts Your Device Out of Reach

The award for ridiculous iPod docks clearly belongs to Jarre Technologies' 11-foot tall AreoDreamOne. Let's forget for a moment that you have an 11-foot speaker in your house that looks like a heat lamp outside of a restaurant. The dock requires you to climb a built-in ladder to plug in your iOS device.


Need to check an incoming email or answer a call? No problem! Just shimmy up the metal ladder to check your iPhone. Ridiculous.

The 870-pound dock pushes 10,000 watts of sound to its five speakers and includes a USB, 1/4-inch, and two XLR inputs to connect the other audio components in your home to this monstrosity.


There's currently a six month waiting list, and you'll get your choice of black, white, or chrome if you're willing to fork over the $550,000. It seems pricey, but don't forget, you also get a ladder perfect for changing lightbulbs. Value! [Jarre via Newlaunches]

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Anyone with enough money to spend on this speaker could probably afford an additional $250 for an iPod used strictly with the dock. And a butler to load music on it.