Let's be honest: Roald Dahl books don't really need illustrations. The famed British author was such a visual and visceral writer that you could just close your eyes and see Matilda skipping off to school or the Fantastic Mr. Fox plotting his next act of mischief. That said, when illustrators do take on the subject matter, the results are simply wonderful.

Chicago's Galerie F recently recruited a whole slew of illustrators to draw up posters from Dahl's more popular books in a project they call Fantastic Mr. Dahl. The results are fantastic. From the icky grittiness of Mr. Twit's Variant to the smooth lines and bright colors of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, each poster bears the unique signature of the illustrator or artist who took it on, but they're all undeniably Dahl. The best part is that they're all for sale. Just click through below. [Design Taxi]

Mr. Twit's Delicious Bird Pie by Michael Hacker


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Horse Design

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Telegramme


The BFG by Drew Millward

James and the Giant Peach by Luke Drozd


The Minpins by Mara Piccione

The Witches by Michael Cowell


Matilda by Mirjam Dijkema

Fantastic Mr. Fox by Army of Cats


The Giraffe & the Pelly & Me by Senor Burns