1970s NASA film predicted we'd colonize space before the year 2000

I can appreciate the cockeyed optimism in this NASA reel, which had us mining the moon to build space settlements. Also, our space colony future will sound like the opening 10 seconds of "Separate Ways" by Journey!


[Via Metafilter]



As a child of the 70's I feel cheated. I grew up reading books about how the year 2000 would look and this included colonies on Mars and the Moon. Giant space habitats and mining in the asteroid belt. Today I feel like we've slipped into an alternate reality from the one that was promised to us space cadet kids in the 70's. In that era 2001 : A Space Odyssey looked like an underestimation.

What the hell has gone wrong?

Look at the film Blade Runner. Watch it, enjoy it and then realise that it's set in 2017. When it was made that was what a lot of people thought the level of tech and human development that could be expected for that era would be. Well given where we are now I think we all know that 2017 will never bring Blade Runner in reality.

Seriously somewhere along the way since the Moon missions we have flipped the wrong set of points and have headed down the wrong tracks into an alternative reality ever since.

I long to see what has been achieved on Earth and in space in the real time line that we have somehow slipped off.