Love it or hate it, Instagram is the photographic platform of our era (mixed with a bit of Facebook and Snapchat, of course). Here are 26 reasons why maybe that's not such a bad thing after all.

Winner: ByWard Market


Shooting this last Thursday at ByWard Market in Ottawa, I was in trip with few friends coming over from France.

As I was photographing all day, this is from my Pentax K-30 with a 50-200

- Emeric Monnet

St. Croix


- Michael Peterson

Flushing Meadows


Attached are the Instagram contest picture for my Instagram @down_rodeo. I used the "noir" filter on my iPhone 5c camera application to shoot the picture, I then uploaded the picture to Instagram without another filter. The shot is taken from a moving vehicle on the NYC highway of the Flushing Meadows 1964 NYC Worlds Fair, the white circle in the background is the sun amplified using the "noir" filter. Looking rather futuristic.

- Giovanni Fillichio



This photo was taken while I was walking outside and noticed how perfect the setup was for this shot. I used a Canon 60D with a 18-135mm lens on Macro Extension tubes. The settings were mostly on default except for the exposure which I had to lower significantly because the Extension Tubes make the camera over-compensate exposure.

- Josh Benodin

Berlin Central Station


I shot it at the Berlin Central Station. After an exhausting week I sat on the bench, ate donuts and waited for my train. I looked up and saw this amazing antisymmetrical symmetry. It just looked amazing. I immediately grabbed my Nexus 5 and shot one picture in portrait mode and the other in landscape. HDR settings one. The best thing was, I didn't even had to readjust my position. Otherwise I would have never seen it I suppose. For Instagram I chose the portrait one and the Hudson filter. Easily one of my favourite Instagram pictures. I hope you like it.

- Sebastian Lauterbach

Bugging Out


I took this bad boy with the 15x macro olloclip lens on my iPhone. I was playing with my olloclip all day and I really wanted to get a picture of a bug. I ended up getting two pictures one of an ant and one of this guy. This guy was pretty beat up. He was definitely on his last leg.. Which was kind of good for me because I didn't have to crawl after him on the ground like I did the ant. Olloclips are pretty awesome. Technology am I right?

- Dan Jarvis



For this photo I used my iPhone 5s. I was walking back to work from lunch and stood in the shadow of the light post. The sun was behind one of the street lights and I thought it looked pretty cool, so I snapped a photo. LoFi was the filter as I wanted the light post mostly blacked out and to give the sun more of an aura. Instagram username is burgundyblue9.

- Matt Powell

Barbed Wire


Razor barbed wire protecting the site of a former Nike missile base at Nike Park in Redmond, WA. The Cold War is getting cold again, but this base won't help. No, I didn't use my cell phone – I used a Panasonic GM1, Color Efex Pro 4, and Lightroom. But I did post it to Instagram.

- David Lee

Behind the Scenes


Shot with my iPhone 5S. This is a picture of phantom flex high speed camera that I was recently working with where we were smashing trophies and blowing up walls and trophy cases for a new TV promo for a well known TV show that will be returning soon. No technique or anything special used to capture this shot except for my phone and the set lights that happen to illuminate this part of the set.

- Tyler Poppe

Mmm, Brownie


I thought it would be funny to use Instagram to photograph a camera that looks like the Instagram logo, the Kodak Brownie. It was a game changer when it came out, allowing the regular Joe to take pictures on his/her own instead of having to go through the torture process of having a Daguerreotype made at a studio. I shot it in my den with the lights on in addition to window light, one large white reflector below it. In Instagram I used the "early bird" filter and that's it.

- John Toth

Fantastic entries all around. (And plenty of decent leads on good Instagram accounts to follow as well.) Thanks to all of our participants for using restraint and not photographing their dinner. Find all of the 26 entries in native resolution on flickr.