30 Quadrotors Form a Star Trek Constellation In the London Skyline

It's supposed to be an hour when everyone conserves energy by turning off the lights and other superfluous power drains. But apparently Paramount is still not up-to-speed on what Earth Hour is all about since over the weekend it celebrated the event by sending 30 quadrotor drones into the air, forming the Starfleet insignia to promote the upcoming release of Star Trek Into Darkness.


The insignia was over 300 feet tall once all the drones were in position, and it hovered anywhere from 118 feet to 426 feet over London as it slowly rotated, giving the entire city a view of the marketing stunt. When Earth Hour actually started the drones were all landed to honor the event, but it's kind of like someone gorging at a buffet before starting their diet; are there really any gains made? [CNBC via Pocket-Lint]

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