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3D Eyetracking Cellphone Interface Is, Like, Deep, Man

The Astonishing Tribe has posted another eye-candy cellphone UI demo for the world to ogle at. Unlike their last endeavor, though, this one might have a future on our phones. At least, I hope so.


The concept, which gives traditionally flat interface elements a very convincing sense of depth and layering, relies on eyetracking and TAT's in-house 3D engine, which renders in real time in the video. This isn't your dad's eyetracking, which analyzes your eyeballs for control cues—no, it really just uses your eyes' locations, along with the orientation of the device, as part of the perspective equation that creates a convincing 3D effect.


We most often recognize TAT for wild concepts that will probably never come to pass—their rejected Android interfaces, their amazingly cool 3D cellphone interface—but this one, or something like it, could look fantastic while actually improving user experiences, not impeding them. [TAT]

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This rocks! I like it a lot.

Though it deserves mentioning that, in order for this to be convincing, hiccups, lags, and mis-reading of eye position cannot ever happen. In a real-world implementation, there could be a lot of challenges to making this seamless, because it requires continuous 3D rendering. And I won't even mention battery life.