42-Inch "Apple HDTV" Detailed in Best Buy Customer Survey

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According to a slide uncovered by the Verge, Best Buy is asking its customers for thoughts on a 42-inch, $1,500 Apple HDTV. And it sounds dreamy: runs iOS, full App Store and iCloud support, an iSight camera. Too bad it's all probably just a guess.

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For all the goodness (click to embiggen) packed into the hypothetical Apple HDTV, there are some weirdnesses. The survey claims Skype is baked in, which seems an odd choice for a company that's devoted so many resources to FaceTime video chat. Forty-two inches seems a little small for Apple to enter with, and has become a little bit of a tweener size in recent years regardless. And the superpremium price tag makes sense for Apple 2007, but maybe not so much for today's premium price leader.

So what's most likely is that Best Buy's marketing partner did a little rumor roundup, so that its client could be properly prepared in the event of an upcoming Apple HDTV. And that's fine; if anything it tells us that Apple's not at the stage where it can start sharing details with retail partners yet, which means we're even farther off from an actual product than some had assumed.

Still, though, even if Best Buy's asking for your thoughts on a unicorn, at least it's a very attractive one. [Verge]



Best Buy knows nothing about upcoming product this far in advance.

To top that off, I still have a hard time believing Apple would intentionally cut the Apple Retail Stores out of the equation here. There's simply not enough room in Back-of-House at most Apple Stores to fit any decent amount of TV's any larger than 30". Additionally, Apple doesn't have its own delivery trucks, it uses UPS and FedEx, even to stores. Logistically, delivering large quantities of large TV's to 300+ stores through a third party (Best Buy has their own large trucks) is going to be a nightmare.

Unless they get dedicated delivery services and single-truck delivery, plus shell out for off-site storage at most stores, the retail stores just can't handle large quantities of a TV that size.