Oh for god's sake tomorrow, just happen already. As if prior case leaks and Apple's heavy-handed messaging weren't enough, Best Buy's gone and listed a batch of new Belkin cases for the 3rd-gen iPod Touch and 5th-gen Nano.

Unfortunately there aren't any pictures, but we can surmise two things from this. First, there will almost definitely be new iPods of both varieties tomorrow. This is possibly the worst-kept secret, ever.


Second, these iPods will be sufficiently different from prior models such that they require different cases. I mean, accessory makers will take any excuse to make a new line of accessories, but neither the Nano or the Touch are due for any massive structural changes, so the most obvious reason for new shells would be holes for a camera and mic. At any rate, we'll be at the event tomorrow—I just hope there's something left to announce by then. [Best Buy via Pocket Lint]