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9 Amazing Short Films That Will One Day Be Feature Films

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This week Guillermo Del Toro unleashes the creepy, intense monster movie Mama into the world. But few people know that this project was actually inspired on the creepy short from Andrés Muschietti. In fact, the original two minute and 30 second short is what made GDT support Muschietti as director of the full-length movie. And that's not the only short film that's set to spawn a full-length version.


Here are 9 amazing short films that have been picked up to become full-fledged movies.


When Aaron Sims (character designer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Big Fish and a whole lot more) released his short Archetype, the picture just exploded across the internet. Every single outlet covered this seemingly simple interrogation scene between a man and a robot. Producer John Davis (I, Robot, Predators) snapped up the rights to the picture, and wants Sims to direct. Guy Busick & Ryan Murphy (not the creator of Glee) are penning the script. Where is this film at now? Sims' IMDB page is currently stocked with work on big budget features in the art department. And as of March in 2012 a production schedule still hadn't been slated. However, we're happy to give this movie as much space as it needs to be great. Plus the Archetype twitter account is still up and running, so it's not dead yet.

The Gate

Horrific mutant movie The Gate got a feature film deal back in June of last year. And similar to Archetype, director Matt Westrup has been included in the deal and will direct the feature. Westrup worked on digital FX for Underworld: Evolution, but we think he really hit his calling making Splice-like creepies.



22-year-old film student Kaleb Lechowski's short film that came out (just last week) and already Hollywood is sending him to L.A. to talk Alien Vs Robot movies. THR reported multiple studio execs buzzing about this short. And while no deal is in place, we're speculating whatever it going to happen will happen very soon for Lechowski. Especially since the trades are reporting on just when the young director will land in Los Angeles.

Jay And Seth Vs The Apocalypse

What started off as a little short between best bud comedians Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen slowly turned a full-length comedy starring just about every member of the Judd Apatow Bunch. James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jason Segel, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson join Rihanna and Emma Watson at the last party before the end of the world. This is either going to be very, very good, or unwatchable. Check out the trailer here.



We've been tracking Vessel since director Clark Baker gave us exclusive snaps of his creepy plane-attacking monster. It's a classic monster chase movie, but all the victims are trapped on the plane. Very little of the original Vessel short remains online — presumably because Paramount bought the rights and hired Stephen Susco (The Grudge) to write a feature film version. And Baker will stay on to direct.


This seemingly sweet but actually terrifying short was snatched up by the very director we mentioned earlier. Guillermo Del Toro. We shudder to think how he could make this short even MORE horrifying. GDT gave an update in June that they were currently in visual development on the picture.

True Skin

Warner Bros. nabbed this slick-as-hell future short centered around augmented human beings with Harry Potter's David Heyman set to produce. Yowza. Stephan Zlotescu the original short director will stay on, as will his True Skin's producer Chris Sewall.


Creepy cyber punk battle dolls fight to the death in ROSA. Spanish movie maker Jesús Orellana started off as a comic book artist, but once ROSA was released Orellana inked a deal with Fox to transform this CG story into a live action movie.


French director Patrick Jean dropped Pixels and it was happily picked up by Adam Sandler's production company, Happy Madison. Last we heard this movie was allegedly coming out in May of 2013, but it sounds like things have been moved way back. And who knows whether the success of Wreck-It-Ralph, a CG love letter to pixelated video games, will hurt or help the further production.