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A 3D-Printing Soap Suds Pen Takes Bubble Baths to the Next Level

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Replacing desktop 3D printers with hand-held 3D-printing pens never quite lived up to the promise of letting users turn sketches into real-life objects. And that’s partly because 3D-printing pens aren’t as forgiving as this 3D Foam Pen that swaps melted plastic for soap suds.

The $42 foam pen is also much safer than 3D-printing pens which have to heat up in order to melt the plastic they extrude. Remember the burns you got the last time you tried to use a hot glue gun? There’s no risk of that happening here because this pen creates 3D shapes using the same foaming liquid hand soap you have sitting next to your bathroom sink.


There’s no manual pumping required here either. The pen automatically froths the liquid soap inside it into a foam. You just need to press a single button to extrude it from a nozzle. You don’t even have to worry about cleaning up a mess afterwards, either. Since the pen just spits out soap, wherever it’s being used is already halfway cleaned.

Watching this video will answer absolutely zero of your questions about the product since it’s all in Japanese, but if a couple of 10-year-old girls can master a 3D Foam Pen in just a few minutes, there’s no reason an adult couldn’t master it in just a few months.


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