A Bike Lock That Can Climb Up A Lamp Post

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Let's face it, no matter how strong, tough and complicated your lock is, motivated bike burglars will find a way to steal your bike. But what if your bike lock can climb up a post and raise it off the street?

That's what Conrad, a German company, is showing in the video (along with awesome development stages). They've built a contraption that attaches a lock to motorized skateboard wheels so it can scale a lamp post. Basically, attach your bike to the lock and the lock to the post and it'll zoom up out of arm's reach. It's a pretty (hilariously) genius idea that'll surely curb bike robbers...until they start using a ladder. [Boing Boing]

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Ok it's all good until the thing malfunctions or the batteries run out and you can't get your bike down. Plus, you are in a particularly shitty neighborhood, which is why you got the lock in the first place. Now you have to walk home, watching behind your back to make sure some dude or chick doesn't rape or stab you. Thanks a lot climbing lock, thanks.