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Is This California Pier the First Victim of El Niño?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Southern California residents witnessed a foreign substance falling from the sky as rain swept through the region over the last 24 hours. The storm also brought huge waves to the coast which ended up smashing the city of Ventura’s pier.

Just before high tide this morning, a set of waves sloshed over the 1,600-foot pier, damaging the beams and deck. No one was hurt, but the pier was closed indefinitely. The pier has been in place for 143 years but was refurbished most recently in 2000.

The waves then made their way over a seawall and into a coastal neighborhood. In these photos you can see water flooding the first floor of several houses and rushing down a street.


The National Weather Service has issued a high surf advisory, calling this the biggest event of the season so far. But with El Niño supposedly bringing “one storm after another like a conveyor belt,” we should all brace for many more events just like this one.


California, you’ve been warned... and there’s so much more to come.

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