A Chinese Chef Died After Serving the World's Deadliest Mushroom by Accident

We've all been tempted to pick wild mushrooms, if only because they're free. Sadly, when a Chinese chef did just that he made a mistake, and accidentally served himself and a colleague the world's deadliest mushroom.

Liu Jun, 38, a chef from China, found himself visiting Australia over the New Year with his female kitchen hand, Tsou Hsiang, 52. On New Year's Eve, the chef mistakenly made a stir fry using Death Cap mushrooms, reports The Guardian.


Sadly, Jun and Hsiang both ate the stir fry, and subsequently died from liver failure at a hospital on Tuesday night. Fortunately, the meal had not been offered to the public: the dish was cooked for personal consumption.

The chef had apparently picked the mushrooms himself, mistaking them for edible straw mushrooms. A bad move, because they are among the most poisonous — and by some accounts, the single deadliest — in the world. [The Guardian; Image: polandeze]

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