As sure as the Sun rises and sets, upcoming action figures being made in the east crop up on eBay before they make their way to stores. But this means we get an even better look at Carol Danvers' awesome new action figure from Marvel's Infinite line!

It's nice to get a better look at Carol not surrounded by all the gubbins included with her as part of the Odin Build-a-Figure for this first wave of 'Avengers Legends Infinite', a spin-off of Hasbro's usual 6" Marvel Legends line - complete with both little plasma/energy balls to fit over her hands as well as an alternate maskless head, showing off Carol's hair at its swooshiest.


As I said, this will be the first figure in Hasbro's Infinite Legends line to depict Carol as Captain Marvel since she took the mantle in 2012 - and combined with the renewed excitement around the character thanks to Marvel's announcement for her cinematic universe début in a few years, it's safe to say she'll be one of the most sought after figures in the wave. Prepare to do battle online and in stores trying to get your mitts on her. If you'll excuse me, I'll just be here rocking back and forth in the corner as I remember how difficult it was to find the Guardians of the Galaxy figures for not-extortionate prices here in the UK earlier this year.

The full wave (you can see pictures of the rest in the link below) is due for release early next year here in the west, but if you're itching to get a Captain Marvel, they're on eBay right now for a lofty $41, over double the usual RRP.

[via The Fwoosh]

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