This Cork Pot Holder Secretly Serves As a Ping Pong Net For After Dinner

Once you remove the placemats and centerpieces, your dining room table becomes the perfect stand-in for a ping-pong table. The only thing missing is a net, and that soon could also be just a quick transformation away if this convertible CorkNet pot holder is successful on Kickstarter.

When you're prepping dinner, the two triangular cork sections stack to form a level place to put hot pans and dishes without damaging table tops. And when dinner's done, they come apart to stand side-by-side as a net for a round of dining table ping pong—complete with a ball hidden inside. Its creator, Julian F. Bond, hopes to raise about $16,500 to put the CorkNet into production. And you can help make that happen, and secure one for yourself, with a donation of about $33—paddles and the desire to destroy your dinner guests not included. [Kickstarter - CorkNet via Cool Hunting]


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