A Google Glass App That Helps the Watchers Watch the Watchmen

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If you're committed to avoiding the gaze of the ever-growing number of cameras recording our every move, Google Glass hardly seems like a sensible purchase. That is, unless your face-computer can steer you around each camera's field of view. Enter Sander Veenhof's new Glass app, Watch Your Privacy. Now, you and your Glass can watch the watchers.

Powered by Layar's augmented reality Glass app, and pulling security camera locations from a camera-tracking layer of the Open Street Map data set, Watch Your Privacy projects virtual "hot spots" to show you where the cameras around you are looking. Just gaze around you to find a route that keeps you away from prying digital eyes.

In an entertaining full-disclosure twist, the app will even alert you to the locations of fellow surveillance-shy Glass wearers: downloading the app automatically registers your face-computer's latitude and longitude, projecting it to other Watch Your Privacy users. Sounds like a great way to meet people who share your interest in staying off the map! Or avoiding them. It's up to you.


If you're a Glass owner (and after yesterday's open-to-anyone sale, there's a slightly greater chance that's true), you can get Watch Your Privacy by first downloading Layar, then scanning the QR code at Sander Veenhof's website. Unfortunately, the accuracy of the camera-tracking map the app draws from seems to vary by location (New York City only shows a single camera location, which can't possibly be correct). But as a concept, using Google's often-creepy face computer to track and avoid creepy cameras is fascinatingly meta. [Watch Your Privacy via Co.Design]