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A Jet Powered, Fire Blowing Bicycle Is Not Ridiculous At All

Colin Furze, maniac maker of maniac things like the maniac 50mph baby carriage, has decided to attach a fire-breathing jet propulsion system to an old woman's bike because that's what maniacs do. As you can imagine, it's not ridiculous at all.


It's COMPLETELY ridiculous. You can see the JET bicycle almost reach 50mph. Furze says the bike can actually go faster but staying on is the challenge since the old bike's wheels are so crappy. You can see how Furze make the pulse jet bicycle here. I would recommend you to not do this at home but if you can do this at home, you probably know what you're doing. [Colin Furze via The Awesomer]

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Wait, this guy jetting at 50mph WITHOUT even a helmet???!!! Ridiculous seems to be an understatement.