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A Look at All Those Over-the-Top Interfaces in The Avengers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Besides all of the obvious visual effects like flying aircraft carriers and giant green rage monsters, there's a lot of post-production work in a blockbuster movie like The Avengers that you might not notice. Even though it's splashed across computer screens and heads-up displays throughout the film.

Jayse Hansen is a freelance visual artist who worked on The Avengers, but instead of animating fight scenes or giant explosions, he created the extensive interfaces seen on computer screens throughout the movie as well as the heads-up display inside the Iron Man suit. Jayse's work is only ever seen in fleeting glances, but if you check out this gallery of screenshots you'll be amazed at how much work and detail goes into even these animations that are only seen for a split second at a time. [Jayse Hansen via Comic Book Movie]


Images by Jayse Hansen