A Map of the Entire Internet

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Plotted on TeleGeography's Internet Exchange Map are the buildings that connect the cables of the whole 'net. It's a really good picture of what the infrastructure of the entire internet looks like.


The map gives information on 274 Internet exchanges and 512 buildings. Click a specific pin to find out more information about that exchange. It's interesting to see how concentrated these high-tech spots are in Europe for example, yet how sparse they are in Northern Africa. If you wanted to destroy the entire online world, this map would be a good starting point. [InternetExchangeMap via Telegeography, h/t @ajblum]


Hmm. The Philadelphia site must be super top-secret....they don't even list the address.

I could tell you where it actually is, but then I'd have to kill you. I'll give you a hint though.... its a big ugly hunk of a building. The kind that, if you looked at it, you would say "there's nothing important that could possibly be in that building."

PS- its not top secret.