A New Apple TV with Siri and Apps Could Be Coming This Summer

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Guys. Apple's finally going to do it. The Cupertino company is finally making its next big push into the TV hardware business this summer. It's not going to be TV set (obviously) according to the ever-reliable Apple beat reporter John Paczkowski. It's going to be a new Apple TV. With apps!


The new and improved Apple TV is said to be announced at WWDC in a few months, according to Paczkowski. It will finally include Siri as well as enough storage to store a reasonable number movies and TV shows. (The current 8GB is most certainly not enough.) That comes alongside other rumors that Apple is preparing to launch a serious cable alternative.

Plus the TV stuff, the new box will also also serve as a home hub, of sorts, so that it can power devices compatible with Apple's imminent HomeKit software for connected devices. Apple TV will also, finally, get apps.

If any of these features sound familiar, that's because we've heard pretty much every single one of them in past rumors of Apple TV updates that never happened. We heard them as long ago as 2012, when Apple TV was on pace to become Apple's most important product. We heard them as recently as September, just before Apple disappointed with a very limp Apple TV update. But apparently things are firming up this summer, and Apple TV will finally become important and useful after all! Maaaaaaybe. Maybe. [BuzzFeed]

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Why, when the trend is to move files off of local storage and into the cloud, would a new Apple TV need more storage?