A Rundown of the New Apple Gear

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Faster iMacs, more powerful Mac Pros, larger Cinema Displays, a Magic Trackpad, and a nifty battery charger were among the Apple product announcements today. Here's a rundown of what you need to know:


To tell the truth, I have the money to buy these Apple Products, but each time one comes out I honestly get SCARED to it.

The reason: Apple seemingly unveils new and updated products each time I start to decide "yes" to buying one.

A good example: Around the time gizmodo posted the pics and info on the new iPhone 4, I was considering buying a 3GS. If that whole pics thing hadn't happened, I would have been stuck with a 3GS that I paid 300 dollars for...while I could have just snagged an iPhone 4 a month to a few months later.

The only thing that consoled me with buying my Macbook Pro was that I could always update the hard-drive, or probably sell it for a good amount incase something substantial came out in the macbook department. I was also suggesting to my mother that she should snagg an iMac (or a Mac Pro) for about a month now, but lo and behold, look at what greets me on the Gizmodo frontpage! lol :)