A Third of iPad Users Have Never Downloaded an App?

Here's a kinda crazy statistic from a new report by the Nielsen Company: 32% of iPad owners have never downloaded an app. Come on, guys, not even Netflix!?


The Nielsen Company's report, derived from a survey conducted by 5,000 tablet owners, shows that books, magazines, and video content all benefit from the tablet's bigger screen, with users (predictably) accessing those types of content far more often than they did on their smartphones.

But what's even more striking is that 32% of iPad owners have never downloaded an app at all. Not Netflix, not Pages, not even Angry Birds HD. For many, likely most Gizmodo-types, the idea of an iPad without apps is like a hamburger with no toppings—apps are what makes the iPad so versatile and in turn so enjoyable. But for others, it seems, having a lightweight slab that can access email and surf the web is enough. I guess it's just surprising to see how many people settle for the plain hamburger. [Nielsen Wire]

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