Having a watch with GPS powers can be invaluable for a runner, now able to track their position, speed, and a multitude of other stats with precision. But do you really want to be fussing around with buttons? No way.


Garmin's Forerunner 610 negates, for the most part, having to fiddle with the annoying parts of a watch, giving you a clear touchscreen to manipulate instead. The same swipe and tap gestures we've all got down by now are used here too, which should provide a less distracting way to check your progress on the road. The 610's still got some buttons, but with most of the functionality now on the face, staying informed as your heart beats out of your chest will be a bit easier.

The 610 also packs vibration alerts, wireless uploading of your data to a computer, a virtual "competitor" to race against, and a bevy of other training options, in addition to the expected personal statistics, for $350. [Garmin]