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Action Movie FX: I Just Blew Up My Cat

Illustration for article titled Action Movie FX: I Just Blew Up My Cat

Action movies are the reason you bought that huge TV. I'm a film nerd who loves art films and documentaries. But, my 55-inch HDTV is for explosions. Missiles, dynamite, grenades, oddly combustable cars, these are the fodder for my fire-hungry eyes. Now I can create my own mini-action movies with my own explosions, car crashes and lens flares. Lens flares!


What's it do?

Action Movie FX adds visual tropes from the aforementioned genre to videos you shoot in-app. Video mode gives you pointers on the best angle for the two built-in effects so you get the maximum bang for your movie. Additional effects are available for in-app purchase at $1 each. And you can share you videos to your camera roll, Facebook, or email them.


Why do we like it?

Dude, explosions. I shot a video of my cat being shot with a missile. Later on, I might shoot the Christmas tree, or maybe even that guy with the loud dog who lives on my block. And if you're wondering why these effects are so legit, it's because it comes from JJ Abrams' Bad Robot production company. You may know them from LOST, Super 8, House, and recently Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. And about that last one, the app is full of ads for the movie. But that's what you get when you want awesome explosions for free. EXPLOSIONS!

Illustration for article titled Action Movie FX: I Just Blew Up My Cat

Action Movie FX

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Now I want to see M:I


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I really wish they'd mention what platform these apps are for without having to click into the article.