Adam Baldwin Wants To Come Back For Independence Day 2 & 3

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Now that two Independence Day sequels are in the works, Adam Baldwin told Wondercon he'd like to return as Major Mitchell, except he might be a Brigadier General. Also interested? Brent Spiner, who told Baldwin his character might have survived.


On the Chuck panel - which we'll be writing up soon - Baldwin said he was thinking of calling up Will Smith and suggesting that Mitchell could come back. By now, he'd probably have been promoted to Brigadier General, so Baldwin hopes to "ask for a brigadier-general upgrade for MItchell." Also, he said he ran into Spiner at the con, and Spiner was buzzing about the ID4 sequels. Spiner appeared somewhat hopeful that his character might not have died after all, despite being strangled by an alien in the first movie. You never know, right?