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Adam Savage Explains Extensively How He Built His Hellboy Mecha-Glove

Illustration for article titled Adam Savage Explains Extensively How He Built His emHellboy/em Mecha-Glove

Remember Rasputin's mecha-glove from Hellboy? All the delightful details, the knobs, lights, and doodads, were just fantastic. Adam Savage fell in love with it, and he just built a fully functioning replica to show off at Comic-Con, detailing exactly how he built it in a video for Tested.

As you can tell by the nearly 15 minutes it takes to explain it all, this was a phenomenally detailed build. We would expect nothing less from the patron saint of tinkering. If you're at Comic-Con this week (you lucky dog), see if you can check out this uber-glove in person! [Tested]


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Adam's listing of the things that go into it reminds me of this: