Add vampire credit cards to the pile of disturbing things Twilight's inspired

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You've seen our take on the 30 Most Disturbing Twilight Products and we've got one more for the pile. Unlike your immortal love, your money is disposable — so go blow it on an Edward Volvo.


Risky Business is reporting that Summit signed a deal with MYPLASH Prepaid Cards. Yes thankfully these cards are prepaid, so the chances of seeing a Dateline special about weepy-eyed teens who buried themselves in thousands of dollars of debt because "Edward told them to" are a wash. Still, the whole thing just feels dirty.

But in happier news, here's a new featurette about baby vampire Bree, the character who is also getting a second life in the new novella by Stephenie Meyer. We've said it before — we have high, high hopes about David Slade's Eclipse movie. We know that if anyone can make a newborn vampire war with the Cullens interesting and potentially scary, it's Slade.

Eclipse will hit theaters on June 30th.