AeroShot Pure Energy: Ready, Aim, Caffeinate

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Far safer than sticking an actual shotgun shell in your mouth, these AeroShot cartridges provide as much caffeine in one shot as a large cup of strong coffee. Minus the stained teeth and bad breath.


Each cartridge contains six to eight puffs of a fine powder composed of vitamin B and 100 milligrams of caffeine. Enough to wake you up in the morning, or keep you going through that afternoon slump. But unlike coffee or energy drinks, the AeroShots are completely calorie free. Now we've covered inhalable products before, like the Le Whif inhaler that coats your mouth with the "essence" of chocolate. But the AeroShot has no discernable flavor, and is only designed to give you a boost of energy.

They were created by Harvard professor David Edwards, who along with Tom Hadfield started a company called Breathable Foods to get them to the market. But unfortunately if you're reading this because you don't have the energy to get back to work today, you've got another 90 days before these hit store shelves starting in Boston and New York. [AeroShot via Cool Hunting]



That guy makes sucking caffeine from a shotgun shell seem very unmanly.