Afternoon News: Dark Knight Tomatoes, Woz's Odor, Shopping With Microsoft and More

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• In 1950, a guy who cuts a tomato in half and finds its center bears resemblance to the Batman logo laughs and eats it. In 2008, he sells it on eBay. [eBay]
• Fake Steve says "There's something in the air" is really just a joke about Woz's gas problems. That's the best guess I've heard yet. [FSJ]
• Microsoft is working on grocery carts with video displays that show commercials and allow self-checkout. [Yahoo!/AP]
• The Japanese government is working with private companies on ultra high-definition video, which will show images up to 33 million pixels and may be seen as early as 2015. First they one-up us on the ladder to heaven, now this, I can't take it anymore! [Google News/AFP]


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The Batman tomato guy has actually stumbled upon something much more sinister: if he rotated that tomato he'd see that it was a mushroom cloud and it's own reflection. I therefore suggest we rename it the Isaac Mendez tomato.